Star Well Services, Inc.
5401 South Glenwood
Chickasha, Oklahoma  73018
Office:  (405) 222-4606
    Fax:  (405) 224-0395

Our objective is to provide our customers with quality equipment and service throughout Oklahoma.

Home owned with 100 years of combined experience enable Star Well Services to provide the petroleum industry the oil field services needed to make your operations as efficient as possible.

Located in south central Oklahoma with its offices at 5401 South Glenwood in Chickasha, Oklahoma, Star Well provides the following for your company:

Vacuum Transport (130 barrel)

salt water hauling
mud hauling
sack mud hauling
fresh water hauling
liquid flow-back hauling
tubing and rod hauling
tank cleaning
tank battery washing
well head washing
frac tank rental
winch truck services
portable steam cleaning
road grading

To assure customer satisfaction Star Well Services maintains a fully computerized accounting department to provide instant information to field personnel of costs being incurred. To assure control of expenses Star Well provides a customer relations coordinator for communications with the well operator representative to prevent mistakes and misunderstanding during real-time engagement.

Reliability is our number one goal in providing services to our customers.  To accomplish this goal, Star Well has a vehicle maintenance representative to perform regular preventative maintenance on all vehicles and equipment.

Star Well personnel is our key to success.  Regular drug and alcohol testing is provided internally by the company for independent screening of personnel. Our drivers and equipment operators have certifications in such areas as hydrogen sulfide activities, hazardous waste handling, and deleterious liquids disposal.

The Star Well management team consists of the president, operations manager, sales manager, truck pusher and office manager to provide instant communication and scheduling of jobs for the convenience of your oil company operator. 

Frac Tank Rental

"Providing the best service for less"

Vacuum Bobtail (70 barrel)

Winch Truck

Road Grading

Power/Steam Washer Trailer
with Operator

Chickasha Oklahoma Frac Tank Rental
Chickasha Oklahoma Bobtail tank truck services
Power/Steam Washer
Chickasha Oklahoma Grader Services
Chickasha Oklahoma
Chickasha Oklahoma Winch Truck Services